Landrum Hardware is your destination for all Broil King products! Broil King grills provide unparalleled cooking versatility, as well as peak performance and long-lasting durability. Stop in to Landrum Hardware to learn exactly how Broil King grills set themselves apart.


The Perfect Combination of Versatility and Performance

Every Broil King grill is built to provide unparalleled cooking versatility. Broil King’s Performance Grilling Technology gives you the ability to cook almost anything on your grill in any style you desire. You can sear steaks to perfection, rotisserie cook poultry or roasts (check out our GrillPro rotisserie tool), even bake elaborate desserts. Every part of the cooking system is designed and engineered for a specific purpose. When combined, the results are simply spectacular. There’s no mistaking the great flavor you get with Broil King.

Do More with your Grill

When you grill, you’re embracing a lifestyle of delicious meals, casual get-togethers and the great outdoors. Grilling invites you outdoors, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends. GrillPro quality grilling accessories will transform your grill into the ultimate entertaining appliance, allowing you to cook even more meals outside so you can spend more time with nature and with your loved ones.


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